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Free Inquiry Project

For my free Inquiry Project I have decided to learn Métis beading.

In 2011 my father did a genealogical DNA test and discovered he had Métis ancestry. His great grandmother was a Métis woman from the Red River Settlement in Manitoba. His great grandmother had hid her Métis heritage and claimed to have grown up as in an orphanage in St. Norbert, Winnipeg which had no record of her living there. It is speculated she was actually raised in the Residential School.

My father submitted the genealogical records he had tracked down to the Saskatchewan Métis Nations and after a few months my father, my brothers, and I were issued Métis status cards.

It is an interesting discovery and I am still thinking about how this fits in with my identity. For me, learning to bead in the traditional Métis style will be a comfortable place to start exploring the Métis culture.


  1. acaciaspencerhills

    Wow Gillian! I bet the guest speaker in Tanya’s class last week really resonated with you..

    • gillcattet

      Truly! I am sure there are many others like us..
      I am also grateful my father took the initiative to find out.

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